All In A Day's Work
2001-07-09 01:29:07 (UTC)


So I played softball today. Two games right in a row. It
killed me, I am sooooo sore. And, it will be worse
tomorrow. But that is ok, I am a trooper, and I WILL
SURVIVE!!! So there is something I have been pondering. A
friend of mine gave me the screen name of this guy that
lives near me and he and I have been talking every night.
I am a bit skeptical to meet him, but he seems like a
really nice guy. Sometimes he can be a bit pushy, but he
always has such nice things to say to me and always seems
concerned when it comes to something bad that is going on
in my life. I guess I had better make a decision soon,
before I go back to school. But other than that dear diary
readers, I have nothing more to say for tonight.

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