Cute Chaos

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2002-08-05 04:24:56 (UTC)


Korrie called waking me up this morning. We talked for a
while. I like to talk with her but it is really hard to get
anything in. She never stops talking. I feel really bad
because in order to say anything I have to run her over
with words.

Then Tony called. He had a major attitude problem again
this morning. I pretty much hung up the phone on him. I am
not going to deal. He is leaving out of town and my week to
think starts. What I really need to think about is how to
let Tony down. And still have a friendship remain there. I
keep making the same mistake with boys. I always jump right
into a relationship with them before we even know each
other. Pretty much every boy was like that. Out of 7
boyfriends, I did it with Jon, Justin, Brandon, Rob, Chris,
and Tony. 6! I really need to work on that. Mike was the
only person I knew. Although that was a dead end.

I could not get a hold on Amber today. I hope she calls me.
Her surgery is on Tuesday. I am going to be spending a lot
of time over there. It should be fun. I just hope that
Amber is able to get back around quickly!

Another fun filled day with Wally! Oh yeah... Chris too.
I can't really complain about Chris though, because today
he was not whining. We went swimming. I was really
surprised because when I came to get in the car there was
not fight for shotty. Chris was sitting in the back seat.
He just told me that he gets it on the way home. I think
Wally told him to do that. If not, damn that was mature of
him. The lake was really nice. It was kind of cold to begin
with but after you got in it was great. I was wrestling
with Wally again in the water and swallowed like half of
the lake. The score was Alex 2 and Wally 20000! I can't
win. I will find a way. It was a lot of fun though. We
stopped at McyD's on the way home again for 29 cent ice
cream cones. The lady inside gave us really small ones so
we went to the drive through and go BIG ice cream cones. It
was great. Wally and I were writing all over the trampoline
in the water. It was funny. But it was not like horse
around and be giddy. Even though we were not talking about
anything it was fun. I just love to hang out with him.
We'll see!


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