Cute Chaos

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2002-08-05 03:08:20 (UTC)

Trampoline Violation

I was feeling a sick this morning so I had my brother baby-sit for
me. Thank god because they were grounded to the house and acting up
for him all day. They ended up coming over to my house tonight. They
behaved real well because my dad was home. We watched Labyrinth and
they laid down the entire time. Pauly was starting to get hyper near
the end but that is only because he was getting tired.

Chris and MikeyO came over in the morning and hung out with me for a
little while. MikeyO passed his drivers classes but he has to get

I decided to go over to Jessi's house today. Wally dropped me off
over there and we got lost on the way. It was funny. I am just not a
natural born direction person thingy. I had started to feel better
but that was a mistake because when I get there Chris and Jon were
making all of this noise and gave me a headache. We were bouncing on
the trampoline it was so much fun. They were doing double team
suplexes (spelling?) and rock bottoms. Chris was ripping of his pants
and running around in this boxers while Jon was trying to kill
himself. They both looked so cute. Jon knocked over Jessi then Chris
got on the back and started to bum hump her. I felt so bad when Chris
got off. I had a good talk with Jessi. We always have good talks.
Chris was supposed to give me a ride home but he never came back. I
wish he would have so I could have talked to him.

Chris still wants to go out with me. It kind of scares me after I
treated him like shit. He says he loves me. I talked with him so that
we are going to work on our friendship before anything. You can't
have a relationship with out a friendship. That is what our mistake
was last time. I don't know if I want to go out with him though. We
have so much fun together. I like him as a friend. Although he is a
good kisser. He asked me to go up northing with him. I would because
I know how much fun it would be, but I have a lot of stuff going on.
He seemed really mad that I turned him down. With camping and with
going back out.

My Aunt Teresa is in town today. She is here to pick up my Uncle
Jims car. I really don't like her. I don't know why. I will explain
it when I talk about my family. She brought up baby Janelle and she
looks just like my uncle. Although she is a little chunker! She has
the deepest brown eyes.
Such a pretty little girl.

Tony comes over tomorrow. He called me tonight when we got home. He
was kind of pissing me off. It does not feel like things are the same
anymore. I have kind of started to like other people and move on
because he is never around anymore. He will be going out of town on
Sunday. Out of town and then back for two days. How are you supposed
to hold a relationship if you never even get to talk with the other
person. We will see how things go tomorrow...


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