2002-08-05 02:27:40 (UTC)

temple again

well yesterday i went to the temple, it was great, i don't
think i like anybody any more. but i had fun. i miss my
friends. and my aunt's and uncle's and cosin's in
california. :( i found out that i might go to Italy in
April with my cuz. wow in so happy. i have sun burn and
shit it hurts. yes i did go to the beach club again. im
always in viting my friends but they always have to do
sumthing. all my friends work:( i haven't talked to any of
my friends from skool except 4 Jamie. which is her b-day
today. and i missed her hang out. but where having a big
hang out. welll today was kinda good. this guy i alwayz c
alwayz wants to hook up with me. well today i said leave me
the fuck alone i hate you then he left. cuz well he eats my
tongue n i don't like that. and his umm thing id big n i
don't like that. well some1 shit in the pool today which is
disguesting ewwwwww.... and we found some old guys fake
teeth in the deep end ewwwww.... even grossssss.... ahhh it
was so disguesting. well i talked to DAvid the life guard
mostly the whole day. he's cool. and i talked to Chris at
he end of the day. i was complaining that he never drives
me home. well he only drove me home once. well 4 get tat. u
know wa pisses me off that sum people try to b leaders and
there not like me. lol im a good leader. i lead my team to
victory and my friends to life. well u know wa im dieing 4,
to go to the city and hang out the whole day there. well im
going to call Jamie again and wish her a Happy Birthday.



oh yah at the end of the day my friends where asking me 4 money cuz
there parents kicked them out of there houseing cuz there where
masterbating each other. n there guys. lolz