2001-07-08 23:16:11 (UTC)

i feel weird

i just feel weird about all of this.
i dont know why
i know that you just want to be my friend
but for some reason
i dont know
im glad that you can see past my age and look at me for a
for who i really am.
but still.
i just feel weird about all of this.
and you intimidate me.
how am i suposed to be friends with you
if i dont feel like i can totally be myself around you
are you just trying to bust me?
or my friends?
find out where i live.
you may not even know my age.
but you gave me your house number
and your cell
all you called me when you said that you would
and maybe im paranoid.
but there are some crazy people in the world.
and i just feel weird.
i wish that shannon was online.
i need some comfort right now
im wiggin out and im not even sure why
i just feel really weird.
you are a great person.
a sweet guy.
but for some reason
i feel like there are lines being crossed here
i dont even know why
i just feel REALLY weird
and i know that i should go on my instincts
but how exactly am i supposed to blow you off?
this is the intimidation i am talking about.
i feel weird
really really really
weird right now.
and i dont know what to do.
i see you all over the place
and i know that you have a lot of pull
and i dont know how to make you not be mad at me
i just feel weird about all of this
but as a person youre really cool
and i guess thats what i should be focusing on
its just weird
i dont know
i just feel really fucking weird