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2002-08-04 23:47:50 (UTC)


Well......I don't have much to say right now except the
fact that I want to show whoever reads this just for the
hell of it,I did make these poems by myself,some of these
have words from songs but otherwise it's all original,My
poems: Own Worste Enemy
I am hated by my friends, hate by my family,hated by the
I'm my own worste enemy,I am teased,mistreated, hated by
the world
Plz some one stop it all.....I am sitting in my room
quietly climbing the walls,
I'm my own worste enemy,I stoped it all instantly as i fell
the floor, my mother
came in she dropped her glass of water as she
screamed....My life has ended,
no more hate, no more teasing....I'm my own worste enemy...

Everyday i go to school, as i walk threw the halls paper is
being thrown,teasing,
laughing,I run into the bathroom crying...As i wipe my
eyes, I see inside that,
they are all jealous, of all the things i am, i have, and
what i will be.....
I walk out of the bathroom with my head held high, they
still laugh, throw paper,
but i know they will never ammount to what i can be if i
believe in myself...

I sit in the hallways at school,with my baggy jeans and
tight shirt, a kid walks
by and says to me " Get a new style of clothes!" then he
walks away with his nose
in the air, and i say to him " I'm myself that's all i am,
i cannot change that"
he turns around and says " Is that why you have no
friends?"I stand up and say
" No! It's because people like you try and tare people like
me down!" he looks
at me and then starts to cry, he runs into his classroom,I
watch him out of the
corner of my eye.....

My name is John I am but 10,people laugh at me,throw
things, because i am different,
I go home crying everyday,I can't take it anymore.....I go
another week of school
On friday i bring my dad's pistol.....Right before recess i
get up and pull it out,
point it to my head,everyone just sits there in
shock.......I am gone with the sound
of a BANG,The teacher screams...as she drops to her knees
crying, my class mates
sit there in shock.....I am gone now....No more laughing,
no more pain.....

My father was there for me threw thick and thin,
until my mother pushed him over the edge,he went
it all happened that night..My dad took his pistol to his
head....and waved good bye
to me and my sister..Then he was gone with in seconds, i
dropped to my knees crying,
yelling why why could this happen!,then my mother packs up
her clothes and takes my sister,
leaves me all alone, with my father...I go into my room
crying...I sit in the corner of my room,
I don't eat or sleep as the days go by....everynight i cry
and cry,and i ask myself, why why
could this happen...I eventualy wither away, from hunger
and lack of sleep, right before, i died i
remembered everything me and my dad did together...then a
few minutes later, i was gone...

Life is a game played by god,he tares us down he builds us
When it comes to Love he adds players to make it harder to
find the one,
he never stops playing, When it comes to death he always
takes the ones we love,
When he is done with us he takes us back from where we can

Laughter,Laughter everywhere,I hear it here i hear it
there,it never goes away,
more and more everywhere, i finally figure out they aren't
laughing at a joke,
or a picture, they're laughing at me, i see them pointing
at my pants, i look down
and turn bright red,My zipper was wide open where all could
see my bright pink underpants...


I made all of those poems by myself no copying, no pasting,
it all came from my heart....They are all depressing but
they all came to my head as i sat in the chair.

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