Thoughts to Share
2002-08-04 23:38:21 (UTC)

oh happy day

I'm finally feeling lots better today. Still can't eat
much, but at least I feel better. Whew...laying on the
couch, sleeping and watching TV all day gets old after a
few weeks.
Here's an amusing scene for you: Tonight as I attempted to
dip myself some ice cream... (After a supper of soup and
soft macaroni...see the trend?) The scoop of ice cream
ended up on the floor. Oops. So, my mother took it out
for my cat. Imagine this if you will....a scoop of ice
cream in my cat's bowl...and him licking it continuously
for probably 15 minutes. Know how long it takes to eat ice
cream when you just lick it? Imagine that...but with a
tongue the size of a cat. Ha. Maybe it's just me. But,
it was really cute and funny.
I've talked to several of my fun friends today. Well,
they're all fun. :-p But I had an email from Erin who I
hadn't talked to in a while, talked with Heather on IM, my
Bridget Elise called me, talked with my roommate, and email
from Beth...and shortly I must call Beth. :-) YAY! All of
this after not being able to talk so much for a week. It's
Ok-forgive me, none of these events are terribly amusing.
However, you must realize that I haven't been away from my
house in...counting...5 days.
I must start packing soon. I have made the list of "things
to do in my last week at home." I loathe packing. It
stinks. I laid out all of my "professional" clothes today
to make sure I had enough for a week at least. I think
I'll make it. Packing is just so much trouble....unpacking
is too. I'm just ready for an apartment...dang it!
Somewhere to at least leave some of my things. I'm just in
between right now...in so many ways I suppose.