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2002-08-04 23:28:09 (UTC)

Second Trip to the Fair

Well well well... I returned to the local fair yesterday and I
KNOW that it was not a good day. You may be able to tell that
yesterday is still lingering in my mind by my sad writing vibes. I
had a bad experience with my best friend and a couple other things
are just kinda throwing my life outta whack right now...

I'm sick of people. I want what I can't have. But isn't that
how things usually go? I mean, I've never had anything really REALLY
good happen in my life that means alot to me, or at least sticks
around for a while, and when something good finally does come around,
and seems to want to stay, in one way or another it gets fucked up.

Anyways, Katie and I went back to the fair together because we
had to wait for my sister to get outta her Baha Men concert (turns
out they only got to play for 20 minutes outta like 2 and a half
hours). We decided to see how people would treat us if we looked
different but didn't act any different... So we went as goths. :)
Needless to say that was fun! We got yelled at by some people and
some people just gave us looks. Others just acted as if we were
normal people. The funniest thing was the story that we told people
when they asked us why we dressed like that. We told them that we
were reincarnated roadkill, I was a Chipmunk and Katie was a
Squirrel. Our make-up was the "tire marks" we never got off of us
and we were pale cuz we were dead. We were seeking out the one who
ran us over... and we were going to kill them. HAHAHA! It was funny
wen we told that story to two little kids who actually believed it!

I ran into this guy named Shawn from school, but everyone just
calls him Monkey. He hung out with me and Katie until we left, which
wasn't until about 2 hours after we ran into him. We walked around
and I won a Jumbo Spongebob doll which I'm giving to my Dad's friend
at work who is even more obsessed with that cartoon than most 10 year
olds. It kinda got irritating when I was trying to do something and
I couldn't really move around too much cuz he was hanging on me.
BUT!!!! I am glad that I put up with it for a while cuz his friend
David (coincidentally thats his name) Is such a total HOTTIE! :) He
looks just like my ex-boyfriend, Ryan, but has David's name! Isn't
that sooo kewl? Two of the people who I like the most combined into
one guy! :) He walked around with us for a while... I guess he's
Monkey's best friend. So that kinda makes the situation hard to work
around. But I'm sure I can find some way of doing it!

Immediately after the fair, my parents took me and Katie over to
Kirby's(Katie's boyfriend) house for a little get together of
people. When we got there, Cenkush, Wannerton, Kirby, Rachel, Kyle
(Rachel's boyfriend), and Steve were already there. Cenkush left
after giving Wannerton a few more drinks,(when I say a few more, I
mean a few more that add up to about a fifth of vodka) and Rachel and
Kyle left a little while after cuz Rachel had to go home(and Kyle
lives with her). That left me and Steve to watch after the VERY drunk
Wannerton while Katie and Kirby non-chalantly made their way up to
Kirby's bedroom. Steve was supposed to leave around 1 o'clock but
figured I couldn't keep Wannerton under control by myself so he stuck
around to help me out.

After Wannerton passed out a couple times and puked on Kirby's
lawn... Kirby and Katie made an appearance on the roof above the
porch where I was sitting. I was disappointed in her decision to
have sex with him but its not for what reasons you may think. Kirby
is a great guy *cough* but he doesn't really have his head on
straight. Like, he thinks women are inferior to men and that all
women automatically suck in bed just because we are women. I have to
disagree with that... Women are not inferior beings and we are very
capable of being the superior in the sack... (He's also racist, but
that really has nothing to do with what I was saying). So I went
home with Steve at 5:30am finally and woke him up for work. Just in
time for him to take me back to Kirby's house. *sigh* I just
couldn't get away from that damn place. I went to sleep as soon as I
got there(which was about 7:30am) and didn't wake up until 3pm.
Katie and Kirby were downstairs with me then and I asked one of them
to hand me the phone. Kirby got me the phone, I called home, and my
mom came to pick me and Katie up an hour later. Katie's mom came to
pick her up and that was just earlier today. Yea... Quite an
interesting day, huh? I hope my week gets better... :(

Much Love,

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