A clothe covered notebook.
2001-01-11 01:18:48 (UTC)

Ah- Back to the drawing board...

Ah- Back to the drawing board. Did I mention to you I write short stories, plays, and such? No? Well I do. I don't
publish them however, and they barely ever get finished. Many think of me as a perfectionist, and depending on
what I'm working on and how much sleep I'veh ad the night before, I am. Therefor, if the story isn't perfect, it's trash.
I've started on a new story, perhaps I'll finish it? Wouldn't that be something? Heh. It has many possiblilitities, and I
like that.
Someone left me a message, and I'm sorry, but I forget who it was, saying I just started living, and I am the only one
who can handle my life becasue I am me, and it has shaped me and toughened me up, something along those
lines, [Yes, I'm sorry, I beefed it up] and E Gads! If I have only just started living, then someone please get me a
big 'life-proof bubble with training wheels immediantly!' I can't wait until summer. Winter may be my favorite
season, but too much of a good thing is a bad thing, and Winter is becoming tiresome.
I'm back into making lists. Lists of what I like, who I despice, my fault, strenghts, things I can do to improve myself,
and such- But the thing is, I make the lists in my head.
Gepa's coming up, won't that be fun?
Nah. That was sarcasism. Yup. Sammeh has a sense of humor..
Speaking of... Wait nevermind.. It was one of those things where you had to be there.
But lemme tell you- The voices in my head thought it was halirious.