Oh,The Insanity
2002-08-04 21:29:42 (UTC)

So, What am I feeling?

Things just keep getting more and more messed up. I don't
know right from left or up from down anymore, but most of
all I don't know right from wrong. Is it right for me to
still miss him, even when I know that he probably doesn't
miss me? Is it right for me to feel that she's better
because he almost cried when she didn't show up...did he
ever cry for me? I feel as though I've failed him as a
friend because I couldn't make him feel better when they
lied, cuz I couldn't make him see how much I care, cuz I
couldn't open myself up to him. I feel as though the road
goes on and on and no matter how fast I run, I
cannot/willnot ever reach the end.
Work sucks, so I'm currently looking for a new job. Time
will ease my pain, but right now, the only thing I want is
for him to hold me and never let go...but what how
realistic is THAT?
Peace, Love and Bullet-Proof Marshmallows