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2002-08-04 18:03:34 (UTC)

...I turned around.

So we got to dancing, and this guy is real good at it.
Normally, guys either can't keep up with me, they can't go
as crazy and lack variety, or we just can't get in the same
rhythm. It was different with him. We had the same rhythm.
He's a great dancer. (He told me he hasn't been in a club
for about 6 months, so he's rusty. I told him I wouldn't be
able to tell.) Then he smiled his wonderful smile.

He is a mix between Lance from N'sync, and that dude from
SNL. (He also played Corky Romano. ) He looks great.
Has a great smile.

After we danced a bit he asked me my name. I told him. I
asked his. (I rather not write it here. I'll call you later
Teresa, so ask if you wanna know.) It turns out that he's
20, and lives in Barrington. He also asked me stuff like,
if I'm shy. I told him, only at first. He asked me if I had
a boyfriend. I told him no. Ofcourse I didn't ask him
because I assumed the answer. I always do that. I don't
remember the rest. That and I couldn't quite hear him all
too well.

We got tired, and were dripping with sweat. So he bought us
some water. Karoline and that Dude came over, and they met.
He asked Karoline if the dude she's dancing with is her
boyfriend. She ofcourse told him no. That her boyfriend is
at home sleeping probably. So we danced some more, and he
wore me out. I wanted not to be a dissapointment, so I
wanted to go already and not collapse out of dancing so
much. (I haven't been to a party in a few months, what do
you expect?)

When we went back to the dance floor, we walked by his
friends. They were cheering him on. Now I remembered where
I was in a situation like that last time. Ricki and his
perverted pals. When I thought of this afterwards the smile
on my face automatically vanished. I started thinking that
maybe he is a perverted clubhead stoner just looking for a
little good time. Perverted because of the deja vu
situation. Club head cause he dances so well, and he still
wanted to go somewhere after this. And pot head cause when
I told him that I'll prabobly not remember most of the
stuff he told me, he asked me if I'm rolling. Funny that,
that's the first thing that came to his mind.

We would do this move that always made me wanna collapse.
We went all the way to the floor. I was on the floor, doing
my thing and he was on top of me. HAHA. That was fun. He
gave me his hand and rose me up out of that when it came
time for it, the second after that, my blood had to
recirculate, so it was hard to hold myself up. But only for
a few seconds. This guy is wow. Teresa don't tell this to
anybody, but dude. Have you ever danced with a guy, and all
of a sudden gotten... I don't even know if I should say
this. But yeah. That's the effect he had on me. At one time
we were dancing and he litteraly got me so horny. It was
kinda like sex I suppose. Better then great.

It was over an hour past my curfew, so I thought, hey why
not go home? So I just told him. Which sucks cause the
party ended about ten minutes later due to the amount of
fights outside of the place. My brothers were security
again so they escorted us back to the car. (Yes I did

Before the Dude asked me for a ride back to his car. So I
said sure. That's another reason why I wanted to leave
early. Although later on he said he'll stay with his
friends. Alright then. We exchanged numbers, kissed on the
cheek and went our seperate ways.

One little problem now. It's been a while with guys for me,
so I'm not used to this particular time period. You know,
the time inbetween calling each other up. I need to occupy
myself with something. Unfortunately that's hard cause my
life is so inanimate that all I can think of is current
events. So understand my problem please.

I don't know why it is, but this guy and I have some kind
of natural connection. He, I and even Karoline could sense
it from the moment he asked me about my spikes. Who knows,
maybe it was his approach that let me be so open with this
guy, like with no other.

Keeping it cool,

P.S. Teresa, whatever you do, don't be happy for me. Or
atleast don't say it. Don't ask why I'm writing this, but I
just don't know. Bye Dude!!!

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