2002-08-04 17:37:08 (UTC)

i know youre lonely and i know..

i know youre lonely and i know that youre afraid
and i know youre longing to let my love lead the way
but i know that youre restless and i know that you cant see
but i know you love me in your own fucked up way.

last night was so perfect and amazing and i couldnt do it
even if i had thought of it all night... and it feels like,
when youre a little kid, the day after christmas... like
over and i dont know. if he ever left i would die.

but i know, i know sooner or later, today or next week, or
next month.. i'll feel like shit because of him. because
thats the power. the bad with the good. and i dont even
know whats real.

but all i could think is i want forever. so happy...

i never want to end up like my parents. ever.

i need a job. really bad, im almost out of money.

i want to be with him every day for the rest of my life...