Anand Bose

2002-08-04 16:20:45 (UTC)

Letters of petals

A Piece of Intimacy

Hello…I was wanting to write to you for long…but then, the
acres of being far away are so painful
‘I’ did miss you darling…your shortest time spend with me,
was panoramic in the beauty of love…even now I am standing
on it and looking at you with the fondest of affection.
When the soul feels the breath of flying …the blood too
feels warm. I wish I could put my fingers on your palms and
trace an out line that curves itself in the form of a

‘Yes’…too a certain extent I feel so strongly about you …
the flow of your blood in the molten kiss of my heartfelt
warmth …but then I and you are circling in the orbits of
being individuals in different ways …We to have to act the
role of what is chosen…do we?

But then my feelings are so beautiful and so special and
they were forever melting me to feel otherwise!

Its PAINFUL to feel your are full and flowing with volume
of water, which spumes an ichor of being human…Yes humans
are more than bodies, they have minds too …they mate in
imagination, snuggling the caress of being filled with the
wetness of the flood in love…

I was feeling anxious …because every time I think about you
I feel I am so intimate with the volume of you and I nuzzle
it with the wings of a dove…These feeling are there …in one
way or the other and they come out in love and in freedom,
which like the ocean are bound nor tied, but free flowing
and filling the warmth of being wet….

Sea-Shell Mermaid Darling:

Hope you are well and fine. Well I didn't hear from you for
long. The silence in between is so monotonous in a length
of time, which appears to be ages! Well that really puts us
somewhere in the past and living in the future…Yes its true
too. The old story of the mermaid and merman who loved each
other in their souls and bodies but had to pine their love
forever between the vast stretches of land and sea. Though
they couldn't meet, they could feel their love, in its
passions. 'O darling …I want take you in my arms and kiss
you and whisper in your ears the same passion of the sea
shell whispering the breath of a small wind which is the
feeling of having been with you in ages of love. 'What
would you do to me …take me on you lips and make me wet
with the 'brine' of the sea that spells ages of having been
with you. Yeah the flow of the sea is so passionate that it
reaches out and touches portions of land sinking them with
a 'foam' of remembering the love of the yore that continues
to want the cycles of love to meet and bliss in passion!

Ocean Bliss

Hi …my bosom of warmth, in your bubs, I suckle the dream of
being touched with a love that caresses with your breath of
being loved. I love the longing you have given me being far
way, touching the icicles of thought, fondling them with
the intimacies of your lips that curve around in a language
spoken only when one feels the intimacy of love. The
longing melts the refuges of space and fills them out with
the flicker of never being empty. The space is cyclic ever
renewed with the passionate filling of your cavernous ooze
as they trickle out leaving hopes of taste which flow on
forever never drying out but wet moist and warm; I fondle
my hooves over their pastures with the love of a stallion
glazing into their green of lips in never ending cycles of
freedom. I am running now feeling the moistness of sweat,
drunk with wine of the astral air, which keeps its momentum
in infinite caresses of colours. The music of twilight
mingles with lush of the tropical waves as they passion
purring of being infinitely touched in the minutest of
palaces, softening all the pent-up of rocks breaking them
to melt forever to melt them in a sea which keeps moving …