Anand Bose

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2002-08-04 16:13:50 (UTC)



I am am suckle of lips I am still with Lips -Neither hard
nor soft ...I am full as a HisSorty I am wondering where U
are full of me as Me In your discourse...Wish you treated
me as me by spending more time with me!
Eagle perches high-
surveying the heavens,
with entrails on the sky.
The eyes swoop on instincts--
praying preying narcissus.
Helpless the hare, scrambles
hurrying impulses to circumcision.

Buddha, how do you Nirvana?
Bee’s swarm the hive is frozen.
“Non desire: a desire.”
A skull satyr smiles.

He feels the pain,
tethering the stallion.
Are you a part of me?
worming warming dog!
Never a God.
Death spills the void.

A guitar is plucking,
Arpeggios of the rain.
Dark clouds are waiting
for the warmth of the sun.
In its warmth, flowers blossom.
Spring colours the longing.

Silence strums lonely;
A guitar feels the ‘V’ strings.
Song runs over in A#m’e’lancholy.
Merlin alone in the meadow
cries on broken wings.

Vulva [dedicated to Courbet]

Mind looses thought
The walls around crumble
Sappho strums the lute
Brute embraces mute.

Clouds kiss the sky
the stars melt and sigh;
Lyric Venn lyres sprinkle,
spring mingling mist.

Red lips of spring
Suckle bounteous
Clouds lullaby myths
Flowers ecstacy lips.

Sighing leaves
Content purrs
Longing trees
Lulling sleep.

Civilization empties--
metal dionysus;
Throbbing weeps
the logic in ribs.

Logos chisels
Marble is hard
Priapus bleeds
Dead Venus smiles
Ghostly flowers bloom.

Before me the sky
an unslept dream.
Night hovers as
An empty love bed.
Maya, you unveil longing,
Yet the veil is a bed.
Shankara’s atma,
flew to an atma
and slept in quantum nirvana.
Veena reverberates,
fulfillment immortality.
Soul medusa breathes
On breasts of the dead.
[Terms used]
Maya refers to the senses, which are illusions as said by
Philosopher Shankara.
Shankara’s atma: Atma refers to the soul. Once during a
debate, the all-knowing Shankara was at a loss because he
couldn’t explain about sexual union, as he had not
experienced it. He left his mortal body and took the body
of recently dead king and copulated with the Queen in order
to experience union.

The monsoon showers
Is Guitars calling-?
Dark clouds veil warmth.
Clear blue longs
The swollen refuge.
Flowers cling
bosom blossom.
Echo cries-
Spring is longing!

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