Anand Bose

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2002-08-04 16:06:18 (UTC)

Lettering the Letter


hope You got my letter ...It was pretty long!! Well I know
how busy you are there with the home and work and all that
and I perfectly understand you in love... Before you read
my letter or while you read my letter, go out into the open
and see the blue of the sky as it unveils to you and then
read my letter. Well the kiss is a perfect way of making
the spread of spreads through the blue of the sky
moving in so many ways ...the clouds kiss in blue and blue
goes round and round for ever in movement, nuzzling with
whispers, sliding with the caresses, coloring with an art
that makes me in you whisper a magic of being forever
nourished ...for ever floating into the spaces of where
there are new moments of sharing and again out of them to
fondle the interior of the liquid wetness of being in your
water ....again foaming the mermaid and merman of form,
singing the art of being together in a far away land
forever bounded in a feeling that keeps filling the vast
out reaches of the horizon in love...hopping in out of the
horizon and kissing the edges of the rising spume and
fading back again into the outer reaches with the breath of
vapor, of being happy and then sinking back into the tired
laps of the blue asleep forever resting with the ichor of
yesterday's rain; tired, satisfied with the warmth of being
in the sun, warm and sunny. ....With love, the night creeps
on to the bed as twinkling drops ...the tiny ones filling
the eyes into the real forever being in wonder and forever
being with love....
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