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2001-07-08 20:10:27 (UTC)


Sunday, July 8 2001

On Friday I wanted to go to Ottawa. I was finally allowed
take the car. Rachel and Brad were supposed to go with me...
I couldnt think of anybody else to invite. Anyways, Rachel
cancelled just cuz she didnt really feel like going. I didnt
really want to go alone with Brad so we just went to a movie
in town. We saw "The fast And The Furious", its so cool! A
bit of a guy movie but I still liked it. Then after we went
to Dairy Queen and then to Brads house for a while. It was
fun, I had a good time. Brad is cool, we both think the same
way. He is easy to talk to.

Sombody is impersonating me on ICQ! I searched my name and
there are 2 of me! Exactly the same... only I checked the
other profile and the birthday is off by one day... hmm... So
that person must know me, but not extremely well. Who the
heck would do such a thing? When I find out who it is...

Im not at all stressed, but I feel like I have the weight of
the world on my shoulders... I dunno, maybe I am stressed a
bit. Just with life in general. Its weird, I have so many
friends, but I just dont feel close to any of them anymore.
I think I should decide who my real friends are... Because I
hang around with so many groups of people, I have never
really fitted in to a certain 'clique'. I want to have a
bunch of people over but I have to plan it out carefully to
make sure that everybody knows eachother and likes eachother.
Its so annoying. Maybe I shouldnt give a f*ck.. I should just
invite everybody! They can get to know eachother, or just
ignore the people they dont like!?