Anand Bose

2002-08-04 16:02:00 (UTC)

Insurgency In Vulva Kuntry

Insurgency In Vulva-Kuntry

The leaning tower of Vulva-Kuntry started leaning and
leaning .All the people of Vulva- kuntry called
Vulvians and their queen Vulvius became worried as it
might fall on their [test-ticklings] and crush it. An
emergency session was summoned by the Vulva council to
discuss their Kuntry's state of affairs. The king of
the neighboring Kuntry: [Totemsterone ] got ready to
invade the Vulva Kuntry as the time was easy for
penetration. Major Gen defended the Vulva kuntry with
his [virilonoc Virona]. Rhythms of Viagra gyrated the
tower from its downward decline sliding it all the way
up but leaving a big gap. Wooo'oooshing into the Vulva
kuntry, king totemsterone's testerone missile fell all
the way into it and then out of it to be wooshed out
because of the big (.). President Tantalust of Vulva
kuntry awarded Major Gen Genocles with the medallion
of honour for saving Vulva kuntry from invaders.

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