Anand Bose

2002-08-04 15:58:09 (UTC)

Plastic Secret of A Polis in Credit

The Plastic of A Polis is a Police of Plastic ‘lathifying’
the plastic identities of People as nations, money and
plastic. Poor Adam Smith forgot ‘Invisible plastic’ when he
said about an ‘Invisible hand being as Invisible as Earth’.
Should we not add: ‘there’s also an invisible hand
guiding the ‘plastic earth’. Poor Green Mother, what will
she do? Even her paper is being polluted as plastic.
There’s an eye of cunning, as well as prudence,
slithering as a seal of being beyond the code of plastic.
Take the word of a credit as a ‘CARD’ and read it
backwards and lo, by ‘Jove’ it turns out be ‘DRAC’! Drac is
the short-form of Latin Draco standing for l the seeing,
all-knowing serpent or Dragon. Drac in Sanskrit
is ‘Darsyati’ meaning all ‘Knowing’.
The forked Pendulum is a moving of tongues so
transnational in spirit and so unitary as character.
Do I know the truth as being set free? Or does the truth
know it was ever free??? HaHaHa From Calculus Kundalini

A Lathy is a wooden baton used by the Police of India

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