Anand Bose

2002-08-04 15:55:53 (UTC)


Did Sherlock Homles ever die?

Ho Ho HO!!!

Get that one right or wrong!
Boyleslaw : Doyles Bow!
Got an umbrella to shoo the sonic boom? Is the archer
When fiction creates the real, the author becomes too
forgotten as fiction!
Who is real?--the author-the fiction- the character!!
The mesmeric in imagination is foever living with Homles
and creating him as times!
By the way are you alone in the night?? Be careful
Ok, ...Take care and close your window tight, in case-the
speckled band becomes more than imagination and comes
crawling in!!
Ta ta
Kundalini of Foucault’s Pendulam

Umberto Eco unwinds “Foucault’s Pendulum as the coil rising
and raising in voltage! The Rishi’s and Munis’s of India
thought the same in a much earlier ear as stimulation’s of
rising consciousness as foam of mental gymnastics.
I wonder why Civilization has added nothing more to it! The
fault is civilized staying stuck as glue dried up!
The uncivilized have to keep churning the possibility of
over-writing in interpretation.
There could be more than the author, the millions, the fame
and the notoriety.

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