Anand Bose

2002-08-04 15:52:48 (UTC)

‘tulips’ are soaking dew'

The ‘tulips’ are soaking dew; the
horizon is widening out as petals seeing the togetherness
of being a thought, a wish, a love, and the big grin of
being the horizon!
I am blessed to have the fortune to meet a ‘person’
who’s charming, charismatic and being the lovely earth
Woman. I am impressed and admiration is a frolicking
Dolphin, squirting lavish breaths of the ocean!
I am really happy that you would love to know more
about me as life living, life giving and life streaming as
the feast of the ‘unleavened bread.’ Bios or life, Eros or
desire and Teleos or purpose are parts of a single music,
living, loving and layering.
Within the melody of one there could be the Harmony of
two notes and if they could blend there’s love and sharing
as the music of thought. It’s easier said than done!
I love to meta-phrase the poet and mystic William
Blake’s lines as us as “Ecstacying Flowers in Heaven with
Grains of Green Gold reaping”. Again going to Shakespeare
and his words: “All the World’s a stage.” My extension is
All the worlds a stage—some act, others watch.
I always strive for the original and my dream of being
a writer is a spontaneous flow from within. Writing is
Music writing Music or in the words of Walter Patter,
all “art aspires to the condition of music”. Writing makes
the form as a content and the craft of writing is novel as
being novel music.
But then one’s daily bread matters and I am in the
academic profession, teaching the art of shape, sounds, and
size of letters called English!
I have an assorted collection of writing in papers,
diaries and also forever as a heart and head. I am
spontaneous and I write epiphanies. I get bored with
characters that are created to write fiction. Real people
are more real!!!
As a companion in being, there’s ‘lovers’ in touch,
taste, music and sight, streaming all of them into a
stream. Even manicuring the lovers’ tips would be equally
Reading, a love poem with a soothing aromatic massage and
nuzzling into a caressing bath of soaking the ethereal
night either in the frenzy of neon or alone with stars or
even further alone with just the licking flame of a candle,
feeling the mystic of wonder and depth of Oceanic eyes is a
vision of being forever as romance and as lovers. Honey is
Honey in the beehive and elsewhere it might be polluted.
I am very tolerant and unconventional but in a
relationship the deed of being committed as a value is a
trust of being both a path and a pact. Once together,
always together if there’s love and oneness.
I would need a little space called my own, especially in
the early hours of waking, where I fall into the creative
spell of writing. I wake up early and my waking is a
process of waking into the world of signs. This does not
mean I am an indoor recluse. I love to be basking into the
wee hours of morning stimulating the mind, body and spirit
with all the sights, sounds and colours that pulsate the
nuzzling sun! I would really enjoy your fellowship too.
Well, these are parts of me and the other parts can be
narrated in the next letter, if the interest to go on is
received as tulips soaking.
I am also sending you streams of consciousness narrative
titled ballad of Krishna Leela and Plato. Hope you would
read it….

Now its your turn to petal the tulip…

[email protected]