Anand Bose

2002-08-04 15:47:38 (UTC)

Fiction Writing Fiction Ha ha Ha Anand Bose Vadaketh Keralam


Reading is right of A rite and copying as a right

When Braque spoke to Picasso about putting Geometry with
the art of many reflections, reflecting more than geometry,
little did he know that PicassO woud stun the world into
a'Cubic Scantuary of Art'!
I do not plan to be so outrageous as a form of copying, I
am pleasantly telling the world as smiling Donkey with a
vector of Pen in HeiroGlyphic that I've done a writing
which is aptly new in invention and its:
"TRANS-GENERIC-FICTION" or in my words as the art of
the "impossible" with the writing hide and seek of all
possiblites". Stephen Deed Locust
I am so true as a stranger of fiction but does it matter?
Fiction so strange as being really true. Ha ha ha
I have written a short short Fiction of a Fairy touch
with "Pied Piper of Hamlyn returning back to Bremen"
Would an interested publisher be chuckling and be willing
to give me a chuckle! Of course nothing is free except
a "Lunch" Ha ha ha
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