Anand Bose

2002-08-04 15:44:45 (UTC)

Painter's Cups of An English DusK

Painter's Cups of An English DusK

Hello there,

.....I am looking at you and I feel like looking at at an
English Sunrise! If I look into Vangoghs Sower, I am
looking into a lot of yellow as a seed and as the Sun
itself; I am so small as a spectator and yet feel more than
one, as art to be looking;

To be honest was a wonder to see you and I had to
see you so many times as being more than a spectator. I am
not disappionted if your vision is more romantic as being
very practical; But if I look further at you, as a sower, I
go into Vangogh again and see the painter walking back with
a satchel mingling in the mystic of orange, feeling the
poetry of twitching leaves, and extending the arms of the
mind into a painting of life itself.

Life is so intense as art and as being and I am sure, that
is your’s too! If the spirit of seeing the romantic as a
vision and verson coincide, I am wondering of it’s worth; I
wouldn’t be disappionted!

I am involved with Kids as a vocation but I am more to them
than a profession! I do love tickling my buds to a
confection of art and the magic of hands; Its really so
beautiful to hear the spontaneous liking of cooking; the
world is somehow getting averse to the art of its making
but closer to it as the art of eating. "Daily bread as a
Daily food is beautiful metaphor to be a life!

But then life has so many other sides to being and coming
as souls! But how? I could write more about me, if it has
the assent and need of being ears!

"Let your YearS of mUsic be the Ears of a sea shell

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