Anand Bose

2002-08-04 15:32:31 (UTC)

Gestalt Satyr

Gestalt Satyr

Had the fortune to see a Second century B.C. sculputure of
a dancing
Satyr in the Encyclopedia of Britannica!!!

It was a monster of a face with terrifying locks as curling
the first impression so pleasant!!!

However a Holmes like surfacing, will reveal the beauty of
a cute
smile hidden so subtly, so delicately, as being the irony
of the very
It was a Foucaualtian smile of a child in the innocence of
being in
the kingdom of heaven!!!

I am amused by the sculpture and awakened by his
intelligence as
early as second century BC. Th mask is so obviously hidden
but so
punningly open that its a privelege to be gazing, without
the need to
be open!!!!
"Less is neither more nor more is neither less" The satyr
puns: More
oR Less!!!
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What does Arataud say about how a cute smile is so
delicately hidden
in a lot of Madness ....No violence, no cruelty, no theatre
to0, just
art in wizardry!!!

I wonder who is revealed as as the Sculptor!!!