Anand Bose

2002-08-04 15:26:54 (UTC)

Ballad Of Krishna and Leela and Plato

Ballad Of Krishna and Leela and Plato

The chuckling foaming blue spume nuzzling the fathom of
being so much and melting, the little secret of a hidden
sea-shell whispering a lovers gift, the glockenspiel of
dancing feet and the poetry of cupping hands, the naughty
taunting of devoted eyes echoing the charming melody of
piping winds;

The endless time to be in so many places, so many
times, so many palms, so many floating leaves.

Solitude cannot cry any more as some rotten leaf in
some overworked book!

Plato: ‘ I am I still back as time’! Did I leave
something out? I am forever a form, a copy too. Even in the
land of never dying I am copying. It’s too much of an ideal
to stay alive and be real.

Krishna to Plato: I have given the mortals all my gifts
to stay devoted to a form and to remained tuned to it’s
lullaby copying the form and forever returning a foam’.

That’s the art of forever being mortal and
forever being music. They have to forget they are so tired
of living; if they don’t, they don’t live do they? so dear
Plato, from form on to Foaming, and then music back to the
form. The more devoted the more their music, the more their
foam to my foam.

Plato: So Krishna, memory is gift to be more than mortal
as a form to be a mortal form. No wonder, memory forgets it
gift to be even a mortal of some time. I do feel much
better in being pure music. I no longer think of the split.
I am resurrected forever feeling my feelings as music!

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