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2002-08-04 15:16:37 (UTC)

About yesterdays party...

It was fun. Very much so. I started hating it cause
practically all I did the whole day was prepare for the
thing, sleep and wait for Karoline to call. Her manners in
going to parties piss me off at times. So many damn
detours. I hate that in total. But I was trying to be
rational, and deal with her problems.

Her sister came with her boyfriend home from Italy.
Karoline's boyfriend left home yesterday and stayed over at
her place. She didn't want her mom to find out, and she
didn't wanna get cought in the same room with him at night,
so he slept on her bed, and she went to sleep with her mom.
Because she was so worried she didn't sleep at all. She
cought a few zzz'z before we went to the party, and we went
for some coffee as well. That certainly woke her up.

Her boyfriend went to work, and was suppose to go home. He
didn't call her so she was worried all night. (After the
party Karoline found out that he's okay. More or less.)

So yes, I was getting pissed nevertheless. If she just
didn't wanna hang, or didn't wanna go party, she could have
just told me sooner. I already did my hair, got dressed and
shined up even. (Body glitter, it was a gift, I had to use
it eventually.)

We stopped by Dunkin Donuts instead of Starbucks, cause she
really didn't wanna see this manager who she usually flirts
with too much for free coffee. The other one was closed by
then prabobly. (It was about 8:00) She got a coffee, and I
ended up getting a Pepsi. Go figure. Really. Eventually she
decided that she does want to go to the party instead of
shooting pool, which was our original idea. (My lie was
party, so okay, I guess I would be telling the truth.)I
still had to drive her home again to change. That was kinda
bad, cause she kept saying before when we were at her
house, that if we do end up going to that party, she's
gonna wear what she was wearing. Well, I made amends with
that and we left.

The party sucked at first. It was too hot, and eventually
it got hotter. There were so many Polish people. (What do
you expect though, when the party is called Poluscy gone
wild?) I was the only chick with spiked hair. As usual.

The party was real bad at first. I didn't wanna talk to
anyone at first, once we have made our round about, and
said hi to all the people we knew. She knew alot of people.
I didn't. The people I did know, I wasn't close to, and I
didn't care for them. Eventually Karoline ended up dancing
with this guy whose a friend of hers. He's her "buddy," as
she called him. So they were holding each other the whole
time. This was bad for me cause I looked like the third
weel. (Before I thought this would happen if Randy would
come so I was happy when he didn't)
Althought this happened instead. There was this other chick
there that joined us in. Another one of Karoline's friends.
She was kinda radical. She was just of with a friend or two
of hers and also bopping all around everywhere so she
didn't dance much with us. I didn't feel right as a third
weel, and I didn't feel right dancing by that guy. So I
left often. "I went to get cooler" was my excuse. That was
never the case though.

There was a thong contest. Ofcourse I didn't go, but I had
my thong on, just like every other girl did to get in for 2
bucks less. It was during that, that this cute hot guy with
spikey blond hair approached me and said I have cool hair.
Ofcourse he had the same thing. He asked me how I spiked
it. With what. I asked him. We exchanged a few more
sentences towards the topic and he left. He was dancing
later with a few of his friends near by us, and I was
wondering if he's gonna walk up to dance with me again. I
was hoping he would. There was just something about him. A
sudden attraction. Not that fake stuff that never works,
and is hard to even be catagorized as lust, but real
attraction. That usually doesn't happen for me, so I was
hoping for this guy to come to me.

Eventually we've gotten closer to their group. But he still
didn't make his move. So when Karoline and that Dude were
dancing, hoding each other, I was really close in the back
cause everyone was so close in that area. So he finally
came from the back. So what was I to do?

I turned around.

sorry folks I gotta go make some breakfast. Be back in a