Mind of a Wierdo
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2001-07-08 19:59:29 (UTC)

Why is that water bottle sitting there?

Sunday .... why does it have to be sunday. I kno it comes
after Saturday but ...... nevermind. O yesterday was ...
interesting. I think. In a way ... something like that. My
mom picked me up and we went to McDonalds. Yea ooo what
fun. Then her boyfriend came over and we were watching some
stupid movies. I wanted to call Chris but it was really
late. I wonder if TIMMY is in his new house yet? He better
send me an e-mail asap. Why is that water bottle sitting
there? There is an empty water bottle sitting in a very
peculiar spot. O hey ... my sisters cat just barfed. GROSS!
Okay but back to the water bottle. It is sitting there
peacefully. Haha. GROSS the cat barfed again! Hahaha. Poor
thing. Hahahaha. Okay well forget the water bottle. I was
supposed to be goin to some amusement park today but it got
cancelled. So now I am home bored half to death as I always
am. Sometimes I feel like moving just to have something to
do in a new place. But if I move then I would probably want
to take all my friends with me. Nevermind. Hahaha j/k. I
wouldnt be able to. I think they like it here. I said I
think. So yea. I am utterly bored. With nothing to do. I
would call Chris but he is probably at the movies with Alex
since he told me that was what he was goin to do today. And
here I go assuming. I dont want to bother him though. I
have bothered him enough now. O well shit happens. Haha. I
am making you bored huh? It is okay be honest. Hey I might
not even know you but you can be honest with me. I feel as
though I am talkin to myself. Well in a way I am but that
is okay. I am used to it. I talk to myself all the time. My
parents think I have problems or something. Okay okay I
lied they dont think that. Well they might but I dont kno
that. Hehehe. That would be kind of cool though ...
hahaha ....... so ummm ....... okay

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