SuGaR RuSh
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2002-08-04 15:11:43 (UTC)


wow...last nite was great....i really wanna marry all of
sugarcult so they can sing 2 me every nite...they r so nice n airin traded braclets..and him and joe sausage
made funna me cuz i like mustangs lol...and ben saw the pic
of me n him that looked like he was touchin my boob but he
wansent and hes like wow u need 2 get rid of that
was so funny...then we got invited 2 a porn party by the
drummer of bigwig...damm our ages LOL i gotta go 2 the fam.
reunion 2 day ...and 2 morrow is the *big* day...uma very
skurred....but steph didnt get my email 2 tell him when im
commin in..utoh...oh well im out bye bye

if u wanna get downnnn wrap me up in plastic cuz im feelin'
pornographic nowwwww