Fallen from grace

One day at a time...
2001-07-08 19:56:51 (UTC)

youth leadership essay

That's right, I finally finished it! Now, all I'll have to
do before the fair (which starts Tuesday for me) is wash
cows again (yucky!!!), practice my meringue shell one more
time before I actually have to make the Lime Schaum Torte
and Pasta Primavera, and make a new cover page for my
Heartbroker story cuz right now it's really dull and then
I'll be all ready! I'll be able to go it Tuesday, be
judged, and then I can go to wherever Laurie puts me to be
a judge's assistant. I haven't gotten to do that before so
it should be interesting. Hopefully Jamie and I get put
somewhere by each other. Then I get to hurry up and get
ready for the Holstein show. Wait...judges get a supper
break. Yes! I'll have time to change then! I'm so full
of good ideas. :) j/k. Anyways...Dad's upset cuz a cow
went down, I thought she was dead, but she's just sick.
And then there's Nate who's being a total ass (which is
funny cuz he shows mules) and acting like he's king of the
world. But I guess he just gets that way around this time
of year. It still pisses me off though. I'd better do
that cover page and make my shell soon.