the random confessions of a teenager
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2002-08-04 14:19:16 (UTC)


OMG I'm getting so nervous about going to Germany -- 13
days left. 13 DAYS UNTIL I LEAVE FOR GERMANY!!! HOLY F*CK!!!!! I'm
freaking out about this, especially since I can't talk to Annika
about what I should pack. I don't know the clothing restrictions her
school has! She's in south Germany until just before I come to visit
her. I remember when she was here, she was telling me about how she
can't wear certain styles of clothing at her school, but I don't
remember. And it seems like every time she gets back from someplace,
Iget another e-mail saying she's away. Just before this was the east
sea. Then it was Poland. Now she's in southern Germany.


"'Cause everything it'll be ok,
You know we're gonna live to see another day"