Elizabeth Johnson

Beth's Thoughts
2001-01-10 23:43:20 (UTC)

1-10-01 Well, a bunch has been..


Well, a bunch has been goin on since last time! Winter
Dance is Saturday. I can't wait. It's going to be so much
fun! Samantha is gettin so big!! Chris and I are doing
GREAT! His e-mail got hacked into yesterday. The hacker
kept sending me e-mails, so I deleted my account. The
person is from the west coast. I know that much. So, I
ain't going to worry 'bout it. It just makes me mad that
they hacked into his account. Why would you wanna do
something like that? I don't understand it. It's pretty
dumb if you ask me. Tessa and Snow are doing great. I hope
she doesn't decide to not want him after a couple weeks.
She does that all the time. I don't understand it. If you
like the guy, STAY WITH HIM! Duh!! Oh well, she's intitled
to do what she wants. I can't change her. It ain't my place
to tell her what to do. OMG! Somebody said I was datin
Brett the other day. I doubt it! He's like my bro. I got
stuck sittin in front of Matt in Spanish. Lucky me. I found
out today that he and Meghan broke-up. I think it's funny.
He's a jerk. I mean it too. He won't stop lookin at me
either. I'm just like get a life dude. I think he still
likes me. That's what Brad said too. Probably true. Oh
well, he's goin to have to get over it, because I ain't
leavin Chris for anything in the world. He's the best thing
that's ever happened to me. I love him so much. I mean it
too. That's what scares me. I've never felt like this about
somebody ever before. AHHHH...I love it though. The world's
best high I guess you could say! Well, gotta go eat!