Don Juan

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2002-08-04 06:20:11 (UTC)

She s perfect, I m happy......

She's perfect, I'm happy.... god damn it's been a long time
since my life has been this good. Don't believe me???
Just read my other entries. That's all I need to say... I
don't really need a diary anymore. She's helped me so much
already... I love her, I really do. I don't think I'll be
writing much in here anymore. What, with college starting
and my new life (I've gotten away from the old one, ;)
although I visit the funner part of it some), I don't need
this and I won't have time. I'm sorry if there are any
loyal readers of my diary... but if there is: GET A LIFE.
It's really fun to have one. I know now.