2001-07-08 19:01:20 (UTC)

Just being smooth

My relationship seems to have taken a turn for the better.
I don't exactly know what happened, but between going out a
little and talking, things seemed to have worked out for
the better.
I think the turning point might have been when i told her i
acutally told someone we were going out.
After that things seem to have picked up.
Its funny that she told me she wanted honesty, then i'm
honest and she got scared off a bit.
I didn't tell her anything nasty, i just told her whats wat

I tried to explain to her about how people will talk to you
when they want something from you!
That doesn't mean don't trust me!?!
Its like, everyone but me will try that on you

People seem quite eager to believe what you have to say,
thats probably why its so easy to take advantage of people