My Life!!!
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2002-08-04 04:57:03 (UTC)


I went out with Will again yesterday night...we went to the
movies and we saw Men In Black 2....it was an ok movie...it
wasnt all that great!! But i had a good time because i was
with Will!! He made my day!!
Anyways...My sister is going to a Latin Gay Parade
tomarrow. Its in downtown LA...so thats why she can
go...its close to here!! My sister asked me if she thought
she was gonna get hit on by girls there (shes bi, just to
let you knoe)...i said "of course"!!! I think my sister is
beautiful and who ever says shes not....ill kick there
MOTHER FUCKEN ASS!!!! No one messes with my sister!!! I
wish her the best of luck tomarrow...im gonna be praying
for her!!!
Today Phil called me from New York!! He asked me for my
number and i gave to him just thinking that he wasnt gonna
call. But he did call...it was pretty weird!! That was my
first time talking to someone that i meet on-line!! He is
a great guy though...he is VERY VERY nice and he is
hilarious!! I was just quiet the whole time cos it felt
wierd?? Ya know??!! He sounded cute and a
little....well..NM!! HE HE!! I just told him i had to
go...and i really did...my mom would have been trippin out
if she found out who i was talking to....anyways...im gonna
get going...
OHH...and if anyone knows any good ideas on what i should
do for my boyfriends birthday....ill really appreciate
it..thanks!! [email protected] in!!

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