Four Rooms
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2002-08-04 03:49:06 (UTC)

Today's Recap.

I was quite proud of myself today. I was able get
everything on the schedule done and still have some time to
myself. Anyways, here's the recap:

After I wrote the entry this morning, I was able to start,
and finish an article for my website. What I did with this
one after I wrote it was, put it into the future site,
saved on my hard drive, and once I have enough articles,
I'm going to upload it for all to see.

Well, I got out of the house like 5 minutes early, so
again, I was happy. Like I expected, work was packed, but
luckily I was the boat attendent and I got to get out at
like 8 instead of 10. The people were really annoying
today, lots of problems, and I attribute most of them to
the Paddle Boat guy. He didn't know what he was doing.

One thing before I forget, I have to remember to get my
check tomorrow. I'm writing here, so I can remember to
write it into the schedule tomorrow.

Anyways, its time for the normal time to go to bed stuff.
It's almost 12, and I really want to get to be before 12
this time, cause I got work at 10:30AM.