2001-07-08 18:30:55 (UTC)

New User/The Past Weekend

Hi. This is the first time I've ever used this Online Diary
thing. I've never had much use for a diary before, but as
my life becomes complex in it's own ways, I need some way
to express myself. I decided to make my thoughts public,
hoping that if someone reads this and feels the same way I
do, they can relate.

School has been out for a good 3 weeks. I'm working at a
movie rental place about a mile from my house. There are
always really creepy guys coming in, leering at me. It's
really disgusting. Lucky for me, the video store I work at
doesn't have an XXX section. If it did, I'd have even more
creeps coming in daily. ::shudder:: Mom and Dad went to
Detroit last Wednesday for a business convention my dad had
to go to. They're coming home on Tuesday. So it was just me
and my older brother Justin left. He's 19 (I'm 17). Justin
is a pretty cool brother. He's going to University in
Toronto in September, and I'll miss him. We had a party
last night. There was a lot of alcohol, but that was ok. I
didn't really drink a lot.

I noticed this really really cute guy Brian who was over
though. I didnt get to talk to him very much. He just moved
here supposedly, from Kentucky, which is so cool. I wanted
to hear his accent so badly! So I walked up to him with a
beer and was like "Hey.. Brian right?" and he was
like "Yeah. Who're you?" with his accent. Ah. It is so
nice. I love guys with accents! And I was like "Nadine.
Justin's sister." And he smiled (ah!!!) and said "Cool."
and I just like.."yuh" and totally went red. I don't know
what was wrong with me. I was such a nerd! And then he
smiled again and his eyes went all crinkly. Oh god. SO HOT!
so I handed him his beer and just walked away. I felt like
a moron cuz I was so, ah, struck by him you know? AH After
that moment, I kept peaking at him. There were a lot of
people around him most of the time, so I didn't get to go
up to him after that. But as he left, he smiled my way. I
don't know if it was just a "Thanks for giving me the beer"
smile, or a "hey, you're cute" smile. I hope it was the

I told Justin about him, and he thought it was "cute". Gr!

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