The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2002-08-04 03:26:09 (UTC)

No matter how hard I try

I just cant get over her. I just cant get over her even
though I want to. *sighs* Another restless night follewed
by working all day. Cant wait to make it in the real world
where i have to work 50 hour weeks instead of 30. Oh joy I
hate this so very much. Im constantly around people and
more alone then Ive ever been. I miss having someone to
call a girlfriend or something along that line. It was
strangley comforting. To bad none of the girls here like
me. That would just be to damn easy. Cause ya know every
girl i like has to move away or be across the country. Why
bother all they do is set me up to fall anyways. Its not
like I dont mind falling, it just hurts after awhile. On
that note I didnt get to rent slc punk like I wanted to
today. Damn not having it in. Grrrr. Oh well off to the
world of video games. So good night to this crazy fucked
up world that I call my home.