Land of the Free...Home of the Enslaved
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2002-08-04 03:20:17 (UTC)

My First Entry...yay me!

Well well...i finally got me one of these neat little
diary things. I think I got it because every day at work i
am on the internet and can never think of shit to
now I can update this! Im such a internet nazi...i spend
like 24/7 on AIM...well some of that is away messages.
Anywho...Im Alex. 15 years old, female, from Fort Collins,
CO. I will be a sophmore at RMHS. I play one sport...but
some people dont consider it a me...Fastpitch
Softball. Yes...I like to listen to many kinds of
music...mostly tho...Punk. I like emo, ska, rap and gothic
music too tho. I think I have frickin writtin enough for
now tho..i will try and get a pic up on here soon...

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