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2001-07-08 18:06:22 (UTC)

sephia~says sigh...

im feelin bleah yet once again.. i was sick again today and
slept the whole day this aftrnoon and woke up at 10 pm to
eat.. well, i could afford that plan as we have hols on
mondae.. i was thinking of watching save the last dance
with dy... but i really dont think taht would happen... its
ok really...
i was online just now ( i still am ) and dy came in.. then
dy said something bad came up and wanted to talk to me abt
it.. i went extreme panicky, asked about what..and dy said
about us. i was like but dy couldnt stay
online and told me we'd talk tomorrow morning... i was

i talked to shah abt it..but she assured me nothin was
wrong.. coz she was talkin to dy via icq.. but im still not
at peace. i can never handle suspense... help. somebody.
i cant wait till tomorrow... im withering.damnit. i fear
the worst unnecessarily... hello.. help?

what de hell is goin on damnit.