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2001-07-08 16:40:34 (UTC)

July 8, 2001

Hey... well it is the eighth of July, but that's pretty
much besides the point, since I'll be writing about
yesterday. Well anyways. My cousin Ashlee came up here to
visit and it was really great. We called up this guy Mike
and we hung out with him most of the time. Me and Mike
decided that next summer we're driving up there to visit,
so that'll be cool. Anyways.. a couple hours after Ashlee
left my house, my mom said come here. So, I went in the
living room and she said can i ask you something personal.
I was like what. and then she went on about if i noticed
if Ashlee had been going to the bathroom after she ate.
and she told me this whole story about it. Now, I
seriously think that Ashlee is balemic. She's pretty as
hell, she's thin as hell, and she's a model.. come on now?
So I talked to some of my friends about it... for like
advice and stuff, and they all told me to talk to Ashlee's
best friend Collette about it, and to tell her to watch
Ashlee and if she thinks its true then to tell me so I can
tell her mom so she can get help. Now, I know her mom is
lenient about this shit. so I was going back and forth
because I'm kinda worried that her mom might be letting her
do this to herself.. So I'm in a really weird position
here. I don't want Ashlee to get sick, cuz there goes her
entire life down the drain. No more modeling or anything,
but then again will she get really mad at me if I say
something? Then Mike was going to try and get her to
spill.. and I told him to wait until I found out, and
talked to Collette and stuff. Anyways... if that isn't
enought to worry about. My "EX" James.... geez.. I don't
even know if I want to go there... Well I was kinda pissed
off cuz he keeps fuckin with my head and tell me he loves
me and shit, and he told me this shit about being with 2
girls... Amber and this chick Sarah... yea that's cool and
everything, but for some reason I'm not soo cool wit
Sarah. and it really pisses me off cuz i was just copyin
the convo he wrote me earlier into her im and she said I
was lying. Hello if anyone was lying about anything it's
James. and it just pissed me off cuz i was just repeating
some shit that he said. which i prolly shouldn't have done
anyways.. anyways he got pissed off at me and he's like
well im gonna get people after you. and well now I kinda
have like a ton of weight on my shoulders knowing that i
can't really talk to him anymore cuz he's a shit load of
trouble and well everything with Ashlee... it's just all
over my head... and i'm still really out of it. I'm going
camping for a good portion of next week... maybe that'll
get my mind off all this crap.. hopefully.