the daily life of a dork
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2002-08-03 22:13:41 (UTC)

im confused

i don't know what the hell is going on nemore. at this
point im just really confused. i spent the night at
aleesha's last night and i was talking to my cousin and ray
and all my friends online. my cousin has been hinting ray
that i like him and well yeah duuhh i like him i think bout
everybody in the world knows that now. i got kinda upset
though cuz he kept on buggin mai cousin about it. i mean i
dunt wanna get the lil girl all stressed out cuz its not
her problem. i don't think he likes me really though cuz
she said he was just kidding bout that so umm yeah. maybe
i should reconsider cuz im prollie just gonna end up hurt
again and i can't take that nemore. im just getting over
the last thing that happened to me. i cried the other
night cuz i got all stressed out cuz mai cousin keeps on
saying he likes u he likes u jk nvrmind. what am i supposed
to think newayz? what am i supposed to do? if he is just
kidding why in the heck he wanna know so bad? whatever im
not in the greatest of moods and i don't feel like thinking
about it right now im juss gonna go and sleep or something.
give me some time to sort everything out.