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2001-07-08 15:33:44 (UTC)


It's been about a week since I've written. Been really
busy trying to find someone to take over my apartment next
month. Anybody need a room in Boston?

There are issues hanging in the air concerning a certain ex-
dickhead. Last friday night, we went out for Gib's
birthday and I had to be brought home by ex-dickhead due to
extreme intoxication on my part. So, since then, he's left
three messages on my voicemail. When I talked to him
Wednesday he said he might call over this week. So, what
in Goddess's creation is going on? I can't figure it out,
if he just wants S.E.X. (which he's not going to get), or
if he's realized what a stupid mistake he made. I hope
it's the latter, not because I would ever go back with him
but because I want him to have to live with regret. Okay,
that's mean and selfish and immature, but I don't care. I
went through a lot with him, most of it not his fault but I
had to bear the brunt. But some of it was his fault, the
breaking up with me twice because he wants "to be one of
the guys" was his stupid fault. The depression and rapid
weight loss was his fault. The fact that I still get upset
over the littlest things that concern him, HIS FAULT. Am i
bitter? Not at all.

but besides that crap, I'm having a good weekend, up until
today anyway. Jared and I went to the beach yesterday and
I got a little tanner. And Jared, Julia, Melina and I went
out to a pub friday night and I got trashed. It was fun.
Okay, must continue the roommate search. Later.