can I speak?
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2002-08-03 19:21:21 (UTC)

alrighty then

Just sitting here doing nothing right now. I did get out
this morning and did my workout. Letting my shoulders and
deltoids rest, so I just did my 2 and a half miles on the
Tomorrow we hike! going hiking with bro and SIL, me and my
I like to keep track of all my workouts. I'm currently
using It works for me that's all I can
We will be going to a BBQ get together later on this
afternoon. Just another reason to get out of this house and
mingle. Drink and socialize. Nothing wrong with that.
I am scolding myself every day. It seems I think about him
most in the morning, while showering, making my hair
presentable and doing my makeup. I just can't stop the
thoughts of him. I tell myself to stop it. Next thing I
know I'm doing it again. Thinking of the things I should
have said, things I want to say if I ever speak to him
again and sometimes ways of revenge.
The last part I relish. I really want to get revenge, but
I'm not that type of person. But it's nice to think of it
anyway. hah hah.
Anyway, it's hot. I'm wearing my short board shorts and my
small tee shirt. My legs are getting more muscular by the
day. Can't wait until my body is exactly the way I want it.
I'm working really hard. But I have to be careful I'm not
as young as I used to be.
Never mind how old that is you really don't have to know.

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