Nick's Journal
2002-08-03 18:47:29 (UTC)

On Being a Dumbass (3)

What solutions does Nick have for these dumbasses and
their unique infections of stupidity? Hmmm. It's tough,
posing the questoins and problems is always easy. Let me
split my answer into two parts (naturally).
Non-dangerous dumbasses. I can help you all. Come to me
and ask me. Whenever you have a question about whether or
not you're about to be a dumbass, ask me. This is how it
will go: you'll ask,
"Hey Nick, should I cheat on my wife with this bimbo?"
and I'll say,
"NO, you'd be a dumbass." Problem solved. Or how about
"Hey Nick, should I hide millions of dollars in costs and
inflate profits?"
and I'd say,
"No, you'd be a dumbass." It goes for innummerable
situations. You don't have to ask me, just ask someone
who has their head on straight (usually they're the ones
that tell you you're doing somethings stupid). Don't
judge the person who's telling you you're stupid, remember
just as stupidity knows no financial,ethnic,gender
boundaries neither does having your head out of your ass.
Before I sum all of this up let me explain myself. I am
the product of 50% society and 50% me. I believe I've
adapted myself to societies harsh reality by maintaing a
cynical, objectoinal view of events, peole, and any
other "realities". I don't fear empathy but i hold it in
contempt. Why care? Why cry? Why not joke? Keep distant
events abstract as I joke with my friends. It's good. We
laugh, we don't worry. Should we worry? Should I worry?
What do i do? Dont' think I perceive myself as some
messiah when i write this. I write all this simply for my
own shortcomings. I implore others to show empathy.
Please. Let me be cynical. NOthing was better than the
empathy/patriotism that arose through 9/11.
Here's my fucking oslution. Ironically enough it suggests
violence. But as I said I am so far from perfect
equitability it's not even funny. Kill Osama, kill
Saddam, and kill the demagogues. For if their identities
are destroyed so are the will to hatred by so many
dumbasses. Many historians say that Hitler's death early
on would have alleviated much suffering. NO fucking
shit. Many have the will to harm (even you) but without
the necessary demagogue this "otential" is useless. As
cliche as it may seem, love, education are the perfect
preventive meausres, treat your kids with love and respect
so they don't stumble into identification falsifications
later on in life.
And above all don't be a dumbass and recycle your fucking
paper ;-)

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