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2002-08-03 18:36:33 (UTC)

On Being a Dumbass (2)

Dangerous dumbasses can be translated into demagogues. We
all know who they are, most porominently Osama Bin Laden,
Hitler, etc. Very bluntly people infected with stupidity
that spread the virus to many causing death or a plethora
of dumbasses. The real question is whether these
dumbasses are dangerous by virtue of their own stupidity
or the subsequent "doping" of the masses? The answer is
50-50. Neither of the aforementoined are/were smart
people, but they provided a prerequisite on which stpidity
thrives, namely a theatrical appearance (Nazi Rallies),
coupled with kin altruism (Islam's Jihad Brotherhood). In
other words, most dumbassses following these dangerous
dumbasses have no concewpt of and ideology (i.e. National
Socialism) but rather are attracted to the demagogue's
(apparent) ability to command. Lacking their own identity
these potential dumbasses latch on to the demagogues
identity thus blindly following an insane "ideology". I
put ideology in quotes for who can conceive flying a plane
into a building or killing millions of innocents as
fundamental principles, let alone ideologies? See this is
why these people and their demagoggues are dumbasses, for
they cover hatred and violence in the concepts of ideology
(HItler) or religion (Bin Laden). If you think that
judging who's concepts are dumbass-like is completely
subjectional, you need to get it straight. We all know
what should and shouldn't be done. Let me make it plain
for you egalitarian cultural relativists. I don't give a
fuck how sacred/honored/ideological/religious/ethno-
centric, murders are made out to be; simply the death of
another human being is not rectified under any
such "principles". Back to the issue of dangerous
dumbasses. Invraiably portions of a population will
identify wiht a demagogue for lack of their own identity
and want of authority. For as we see most such followers
explain/proffess their innocence as "i was just following
orders". So these dangerous dumbsses find an enemy and
launch an attack on them wit a group of recruited
dumbsses. Once again we see that the stupidity virus
infects undiscriminatingly both left/right extremists.
They both suffer from a lack of identity that makes a
dangerou dumbass's job so much easier. For a second I'll
quickly put down and opinion of why extremists believe in
what they do, namely the fundamental principles behind
right/left extremists. Let me define extremists as
dumbassses, fanaticism is stupidity which leads to being a
Right extremists (Nazis, gun-nuts, militia-men) have a
need for authority. Veritably they are threatened by lack
of sovereignty (which explains their zealous commitment to
gun ownership, as they believe they can atleast govern
thmselves through this force), what more they fear
anything new (as seen by their close adherents to the
constitution, "but the 2nd amendment from 200 yrs. ago
says.") they do not want to accept new rules or
environments. HItler was a prime example. This by no
means compares the republican party or the N.R.A. to the
Nazis. Fundamentally I just wish to express Right
extremists seek authority, statu quo, and feel thretened
by new principles as they may infringe on their
Left extremists have less of a desire for authority and
more for rebellion. They care about over-throwing norms
and constantly rebuking principles. Very basely, where
Rightists latch onto one leader/ideology, Leftists change
with the wind or accept mulitple fights (i.e. save the
whales, recycle paper, stop nuclear power plants). I by
no means consider these topics as dumbass-like
(Juliann ;-)), neither do I figure most (contemporary)
Rightst positions as stupid. Merely the fanaticism with
which they are pursue3d a violence ensues from either
side. As with Right extremists, Left extremists lack
identity, yet they identify themselves with issues rather
than authority. The need for constant issues to validate
onesself explains the abundance of topics in Leftist
So to sum up the dangerous dumbasses. They stem from
extremism (Right/Left). HOpefully the above opinions give
enough insight to see that such ideologies serve as
platonic covers for identity crisis and why, dumbass
actions (violence/hatred) should not be tolerated. Why go
to the ytrouble of what seems as a transgression the past
2 paragraphs? Because so many times I fucking here,
"I did it for Jesus,Hitler,Osama,Islam,the right to live,
to choose, etc." and the public sits back and says,
"oh, well as long as there's a reason."
I'm not insinuating that certain issues aren't worth
fighting for. The world can only change for the bgetter
thorugh the perseverance of issues at hand. I just want
people to discern and condemn and to show empathy when
victims arise due ot the hatred/violence projected by a
dangerous dumbass over an "ideology".

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