It smells like poop over here
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2002-08-03 18:21:27 (UTC)


christian ska may be a joke, but i like the insyderz
anyway. "fight of my life" is a damn good CD. lots of good
tunes on it.
you remember a few months ago me telling you about this
sex dream i had about this chick in my math class, natashia
k.? even if i didn't here's what happened. my senior year,
she was in my math class, but i skipped a lot so i got
dropped...or i just asked to get it dropped, whichever, i
can't remember. but tashia was this hot greek girl that sat
in front of me, she was the only real reason i went. we'd
talk every once in a while and i thought she was pretty
hot. ohhh yeah, she was in my english class too, and she'd
wear skirts and spread he legs, so id always be looking up
her skirt, cause im a sick, sad pervert like that.
anyway, so i had this dream that i was at a party, and
she was there. it was just like that episode of "the wonder
years" when kevin and whinnie first break up and paul has a
party and kevin and whinnie get into a fight in the wash
room...ok, so im at a party and somehow i end up in the
wash room. tashia walks in, says something to me, and after
a few minutes, she's giving me head and im holding onto her
ears. it was a little weird. but anyway, back in reality,on
friday, i went to the bank for algers, like always and she
walks in. we're making small talk, "where are you going to
school at?" "how's your summer going?" and shit like that.
for some dumbass reason, i come up with "hey, i never see
you, i had a sex dream about you a few months ago." smooth
move dipshit. she just kinda laughed, but didn't seemed to
be offended.
we both get served at the bank, and i see her again,
as im in my car. we both wave by and i struggle with myself
for about 30 seconds to get up the nerve to ask her out or
ask her to do something. but i couldn't fucking do it!
fucking pussy that i am. i just let her walk away, get in
her car, and leave. it might have been for the best. she
probably thinks im some fucked up, pedophile who jerks off
to pictures of cows. i might see her agian though, she goes
to wayne state, so does lauren. so i might just run into
her again. i hope i do. i hope im not such a perverted
dumbass. i hope next time i can have some balls.