Nick's Journal
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2002-08-03 17:46:55 (UTC)

Anthem for our Time

Don't want to think,
Don't want to feel.
Don't care about others,
All they od is steal.

My jokes are funny,
My opinions right.
The others get what they deserve,
Justice has the keenest sight.
Her bombs precise,
Her words always true.
Why do they even fight?
I have no clue.

What do I care,
It'll never happen to me.
The television shows another instance of karma,
LIfe's a bitch when will they ever see?
They use religion as a weapon,
Creeds uttered with every ounce of breath,
If they don't stop waging war,
They'll soon see if there really is a life after death.

Society has no futher use for them,
Why don't they stop?
Others mean nothing to me,
AS long as I stay on top.

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