Nick's Journal
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2002-08-03 17:28:37 (UTC)

Marriage, Education, & other Institutions

Actually it sohuld read marriage, educatoin, & religion
but I thought that title was cooler. Veritably these
three aspects of life are our biggest institutions, of
course you have everyday work, but I don't want to write
about that. Succinctly here are my opinions on the above
three institutions.
Marriage. Point is, from a genetic perspective males are
not monogamous creatures. Polygamy is the
most "profitable" for us, mainly because we're still a
little closer to the knuckle-draggers than our female
counter-parts. My good freind Dave put it best "Men think
with their dicks, women with their hearts." I'd like to
amend that statement just slightly. Dumbass males think
with their dicks. WE've evolved and the "ethereal"
feelings (a.k.a. love, hatred, shame) have evolved for a
distinct purpose. Although a long time ago "banging a lot
of bitches" for genetic proliferation may have ben the
best bet, nowadays, the longevity of happiness lies in the
institution of marriage. There are many abhorrent reasons
for this statement (one being that monogamy, techincally
limits the "alpha males" to one bride, thus giving not-so
alpha males a chance), but mainly there's common sense. I
know the whole statement above seems very
misogynistic/patriachly but one just has to understand
that it has to be sen from a male perspective, because
most (notice I say most) females realize the hedonistic
benefits of monogamy/marriage. I hate to say it but I
witness a catastrophic crumbling of teh institution of
marriage every fucking day (which is why I write this).
It hurts me to see it because of the agony intwined. AS
it is it was started by the inscrutable urge of "male
philandering" now I know many women do the ame which is
why I hope my opinions are neutral enough. NOw of course
with all arguments/opinions you establish the commone
sense. Now any guinea pig knows there are three things
that contrive to form a good relationship. Love, respect,
honesty/trust. NO fucking shit, Nick, you say. Well the
love part although the key ingredient is the most likely
to dissipate over the years, along with the
prozac/alcohol. However, if it does fade drastically one
can only assume it was lust not love in the first place.
IN other words, dick not heart, that's why men just aren't
as satisfied with their second wives/lovers as their first
(check the stats). Respect. Bottom line is this, love
with no respect equals one of two things, either you're
her boy-toy (pussy-whipped) or his slut. Period.
Trust/honesty now here we're the biggest dumbshits. An
example is this (true story) I"m sitting at dinner and
this couple is takling. Dinner is served and the husband
says, "Oh, I don't like mushrooms", and the wife
says, "WHAT, I didn't know that! What else have you been
hiding from me?", quite viciously.
So fucking what? That's not something kept secret out of
malicious attempt! WE all fucking know what we should be
telling our significant other. Here's some common sense.
Not telling your spouse you are allergic to guinea pigs is
quite some thing different than if you forget to mention
that you've been fucking the babysitter like it's going
out of style. And of course one more extra ingredient to
really make it a lasting relationship is to be each others
best friends. Because if one of you has to go to someone
else for the best friend, then it's just not going the way
it should be. Let's see, what else. Gusy can be friends
with girls and not fuck them. Harry was right all guys
want to, why deny it. But that's where the ligistics of
monogamy come in. Single guys want the girl, just as
single girls want (far more selectively) the guy. It just
comes down to the monogamist to realize that they already
have it great. For those of you so ready to jump hte
fence for the "greener" grass just remember, you might
get your ass blown away by the landowner...hhhhmmmm, next