Nick's Journal
2002-08-03 17:07:45 (UTC)

More Observations

So I had the oppurtunity to observe some people on my
vacation. Specifically two people. Meet Renate &
Florian. Renate is the picture perfect example of the
profit driven, lesbian, business woman; right down to the
dildo. A genuine product of a feminist society fat,
alone, and unhappy (although striving with all capable
means to thwart such a notion) she works herself to death
even in play. My aunt (who is Renate's friend) and I
decide to go running (as we always do) and Renate quite
fanatically declares she'll come with us provided we
follow her mandate of "keeping our heart rates at the
optimal level." Lisi and I start our jog at our leisurely
pace and she fucking flys past us as if she took a tube of
benzedrine. The bitch is doing cartwheels up the mountain
and back flipping over brooks as Lisi and I casually jog
at a safe distance with the two dogs. The whole time
she's shouting at us in a neo-hitler manner that there's
no way we'll get in shape at our pace. Ironically she's
the one who looks like she's about to give birth to a
manatee, and most likely she's going to kick the bucket
before she loses any blubber.
So this goes on for about 20 mins. She's buzzing in front
of us like a hummingbird on crack, making the dogs nervous
and pissing us off. By 21 mins she's done for. Lisi and
I jog to her as she's sitting on a rock looking as if
three pandas each took their turn with her. Her face is
blood red, her eyes bulging, flabby body heaving, and her
clothes are a swamp of sweat.
"I don't feel so....urgh!"
Her puke flies exorcist style all over the grass. She's
coughing like shit and trying not ot choke on her on bile
at the same time. We practically have to carry her home
and I can't help but be pleased. I dont' understand her or
others like her. It's one thing when men feel they have
to flex their nuts and end up tripping over them, but it's
just sad when a woman does it. I'm sure REnate feels
cheated with her forced celibacy and therefore tries to
compensate in other ways. Constantly gloating and flexing
her vagina finally caught up wth her. Hopefully she'll
find some happiness, but for now her vomit stained body is
getting on my nerves.
Florian, regrettably, is my cousin. Let me put it bluntly
I can't stand him. I know it's bad, but he's the devil.
He's 25, unemployed (recently fired), racist, and just
disgusting to look at. With piggish eyes and a bloated
face on toop of his disproptionately heavy bottom, even
his parents shun him. There are 3 reasons why I can't
stand him. 1. He's so misoginistic it's disgusting. I
mean don't get me wrong misgoynism is great, but not with
him. LIke for example, my cousin Richard, had his
girlfriend with him and Florian chastized her to no end.
He even had the audacity to ask her where the rest of her
breastes where. Mind you this is the first time she met
the family. 2. He asked my cousin Julia out on a date
and pretty much every time he's near her, he does
everything short of raping her. Now A.) she's 15, B.)
she's a relatives, that sick fuck. 3. I can't stand his
bragging which is actually sadly ironic as he has
absolutely nothing to brag about. HIs insecurity can be
seen in all of these 3 reasons. I guarantee he's a virgin
and that he'll stay one for a while as most people don't
like being treated like shit.

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