Nick's Journal
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2002-08-03 16:54:06 (UTC)

i'm back and here's a stupid story

yes i'm finally back from vacation and the first thing i'm
posting here is some story i just wrote which is basically
a synopsis of a 3-day period. ja
Sitting in a cloud of smoke surrounded by the rambunctious
rhapsodizing of drunks I try my best to not critcize
everyone. of course this mandate placed upon myself is
frivolous. my eyes dart restlessly around taking in the
people i sit with. all together there are 9 people there
(10 including myself). out of them 5 perk my interest.
succinctly, it’s stefanie (the daughter of a friend of my
mom’s and according to my mom, also my good friend), her
boyfriend, some french guy named adrian, then andi a
friend of my aunt’s, my dad, my mom’s friend’s boyfriend,
my mom’s friend, my mom, my aunt, and my cousin.
Andi, Stefanie, Adrian, Erich, Monika, perk my interest.
I already know the other 4 well enough, or so i lead
myself to believe. I start to my left as it is
inevitable, as stefanie talks and talks about everything
and essentially nothing. let me describe stefanie, she’s
18, hot, and gets what she wants. Period. end of story.
‚so isn’t he darling?‘, she says about her boyfriend
(she’s already feeling it as i can tell by her slurred
speech and sorta glazy eyes.)
what the hell am i supposed to say? no? but i feel
awkward nonetheless agreeing that a guy is a ‚darling‘
she takes off her hair thingy (whatever those things are
called that hold a girl’s hair from her face) and clips
his hair up. where at first he looked sorta queer he now
looks like he sucks dick as a daytime job. jesus, i think
to myself. jesus.
‚now he’s even more of a darling‘
stop with the darling, just stop. for some reason it
really bothers me. the guy is a complete tool.
‚here get me some of the sauerkraut and dumplings‘, she
says thrusting a wallet in his face, ‚and you can get
yourself something too‘.
nice, he’s her personal chew toy and dependent on her for
cash, perfect combination.
‚nine months‘, she says this as if it were a trophy or
something and it takes me a second to realize she means
their relationship. wow. he’s taken her shit for nine
‚how about you?‘
‚six‘, i say and don’t really know if i said it
the ‚right‘ way as a hint of ‚i win‘ flashed through her
then she goes on to tell me about how she loves him and
blah, blah, blah. don’t get me wrong, it’s sweet and all,
but most of the time the other person doesn’t want to hear
about your good fortune, especially if it’s in the ever
elusive area of love. if someone does want to listen it’s
just because they want to one-up you with their own story
of how good their relationship is. then she goes on to
say hw worried she is about hwo she is going to brazil and
he’ll be here alone, at his job where apparently he is
immersed in a sea of beautiful women. the tool comes back
and the only thing i realize i’ve found out about him in
the past two hours is that he hates americans and their
language and that he’s a fierce french nationalist
especially when it comes to soccer. go figure. finally
she allows him to speak and he goes on in broken english
about the french soccer team and how america had it easy
and coasted along on luck. then i guess the wine got to
me or what and i tried some wittiness hoping that his
warped french mind might not take offense. as is
customary, i directed my jokes towards the person i knew
(stefanie) and this apparently seemed to amount to some
jealousy on his part as he made it a point to get so close
to her that his face was in between mine and stefanie’s,
however he tried doing this inconspicously. basically my
jokes came after he made fun of america, not because i
wanted to defend america but because he seemed so fucking
obnoxious and self conceited. stupid and childish they
went along the lines of,
‚hey stefanie, are you going to watch the world cup finals
tomorrow, with france vs. brazil? oh, wait, france was
dead last this year that’s right‘
boy did that hit a nerve in him, he went on to explain to
me in great detail taht france had not been dead last this
year but second to dead last. the problem with people
that don’t understand sarcasm or lack a sense of humor is
that they are usually rationalists that feel that they
have to factualize all situations. i have no idea what
place france ended up in, all i know is that they ate it
through the tournament. exhaustively he extolled the
french nation until stefanie shut him up with some playing
cards and enticed him to a game of ‚schnaps‘ which is a
game i have no idea how to play. which didn’t matter
anyhow as i the last thing i wanted to do is engage myself
into competition with this guy.
after a couple of rounds of the game (which he lost badly,
and sorely) he announced that the cards were made in
france and therefore had attained some sort of divine
power, which led me to my last observation towards him,
‚so i guess that’s why you’ve been winning with them, oh
i joke in that manner a little too often. besides.
stefanie had been cheating, i could grasp that little.
but all together they seemed like a happy enough couple
while they played their game. she cheated, he caught on
after 5 games and from there it just escalated into a
drunken crazed giggling festivity, with a little bit too
much affection for my taste so i averted myself to andi,
my aunt’s friend.
andi smokes like a chimney. one cigarette after the
other. plus she had the typical austrian face. very bad
teeth, yellow skin and teeth from the smoke, and an
exceptionally hair face, also from smoking. her eyes were
constantly shifting across everything and i imagined that
she wasn’t too keen on social gatherings, as the only
people she conversed with were my aunt, my cousin, and a
little bit with my dad. she was overweight and
unemployed, basically the poster-child of neurosis. her
hand shook and she drank like a fiend. the main thing
that i noticed about her was her annoying laugh. it was
loud and shrill, it was the laugh of someone that felt
that their laugh was all they could contribute to a
gathering and therefore wanted to make sure everyone heard
it whether it was annoying or not. surprisiningly it
wasn’t her laugh that bothered me the most about her it
was something else. when we got to the restaurant and i
greeted her with the mandatory hug and double cheek kiss
she quickly pulled me away and looked behind me asking in
what she thought was a surreptitious manner,
‚where’s your brother?‘
now, noone likes to think that they’re second, and i have
to say i’m grateful most people have the tact not to act
like that, but she really annoyed me. i just wanted to
say ‚i’m here, you know‘, it’s odd anyhow because i don’t
even like this woman. but there’s something more and i’m
sure that it’s in my jealous head, but she seems to have a
crush on my brother. whenever she talked about him at the
table that night, she gushed about him in a very odd way.
how beautiful he was and all kinds of comments that just
seemed......odd. basically she was annoying, from her
stinkiness, to her laugh, to her confounding fondness
towards my brother.