little kitty

Shhhh dont tell
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2002-08-03 15:03:42 (UTC)

lonley and bored

well, my boy left for three days, and its weird. i havent
lived here without him yet. i dont like sleeping in a big
bed by myself.

and i think that i maybe smoke too much pot. its not that i
think its like, evil or something, i just dont want to be
one of those people. stoned all the time, and when not
stoned, still seems stoned. if im gonna do drugs on a
regular basis i wish it could be something more.... i dont
know, less dirty hippy type. something that would actually
benifit the way i feel and act instead of just making me
fall asleep. i feel like im in freshman year again, smoking
pot all the time, only this time, its way better pot lol. i
hate drugs. they are so stupid. i dont want to do them and
i dont want mark to do them, but we do and we both like it.
oh well, at least its just pot and not like, smoking crack
or doing heroin or

i miss mark. i want him to come home already.

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